Informal On-Site Design 

This consultation contains the client questionnaire,  site survey and overview.  These tools provide me with the necessary information from the client about their project. A Simple Design is drawn up usually on graph paper and not to scale.  This is a solution for smaller spaces or when the need of the client is to add some plant material to already landscaped areas. The Simple Design includes a plant list along with their quantity and sizes.

*2-3 hours @ $100.00 per hr. 

Formal Landscape Design

Phase I

Phase I is for clients who need or require a detailed landscape design.  These consultations begin with a client questionnaire.  This provides specific questions aimed at achieving the goal of a beautiful landscape.  A Site Survey evaluating  the grade, exposure and drainage considerations is performed. The consultation may include plant suggestions and recommended placement. This always proceeds Phase II, the formal landscape design.

*1-2 hours @ $100.00 per hr.


Landscape Design:

Formal Landscape Design

Phase II

After the client has completed Phase I of the Formal Landscape Design process, we begin with developing the Formal Landscape Design Plans.  On-site measurements are taken as well as photos of the entire area. The plan is drawn in ink and to scale usually 1/4":1'.  At the formal presentation, two copies are furnished to the clients. One for their house records and another, a laminated copy to be used on location. The clients will receive a personalized Plant List Book listing the specific plants used in their design.  A Plant Care Brochure will also be given with tips to help promote intelligent plant care.  

*Prior to initiating the Design, a detailed proposal will be sent to clients that include the contract, price and payment details.